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Hmm, looks like it was something else in the form of a screwy hazel rule that was deleting files immediately instead of then they were > 1 week old.
Long ago, after being screwed by the Xerox Dandelion workstation's DWIM (do what I mean) "correction" feature, which rarely if ever did what you meant, a colleague made the following observation:

"The problem with programs that wipe your nose for you is they often wipe something else first!"

Whenever I see something that looks like it could do something really cool like delete outdated files for me after I just set it and forget it, I think back to that observation and step away from the keyboard until the temptation passes :-)

I'm glad you didn't suffer a permanent data loss, just a few grey hairs :-) Did you find anything else of importance misfiled in the trash? I know someone who somehow managed to operate for months with their mailbox in the trash. Obviously, emptying the trash was not part of their regular activities. Everything was fine until I suggested they empty the trash while I was trying to help them debug an unrelated problem. Oops.