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OK I am pretty sure you expect it to work this way but I'm running into a behavior that keeps tripping me up because it's so jarring.

On the Mac version 1.8 I have a project that had a due date for the whole project. It also has no context. There is a single next action that is not completed. Due to life, sheep and farm work it not going to get done for a while so I have set the context of the action to waiting as I know it is on temporary hold. This is a real context I've named that way as I can't set actions on hold in OF. This is a project that repeats monthly and even though I'll be late this month I don't want to reset the due date as by next month I should be back on track with it.

What would normally happen in those cases is I would see a red badge on the waiting context and know I have something I can't get to right now.

What 1.8 does that is completely jarring is I see a red badge in the no context section with an overdue item as well. A quick review by checking the next actions no context, nothing, available actions no context, nothing and only when I set to look at all remaining actions do I see the Project there in red indicating it is overdue.

If I've set a project to "No Context" what I expect is that it will be ignored. Or We need an option to ignore the context and not have it show up in context views.

I do see the occasional use for contexts for projects, although not that often as far as I'm concerned but this behavior is baffling to me.

I would echo the request to turn off project level contexts as a user option.

PS I did send this to the support folks as a vote for changes.