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I had to wait until I had upgraded to Mountain Lion to install the beta of OO4, and only did that a month ago. I'm now involved in trying to use it instead of 3Pro.

One of the first things I've noticed (or can't find) is the missing ability to adjust the indent of each "child" or sub-point. Depending on the font, and the material, being able to control the length of the indent is crucial to the readability of the outline. For example, in OO3P, the standard indent is 16--I assume points, but can't recall. I would generally and regularly up that to 30-40 so that the sub-points were easily identifiable.

Where is that in 4? All I see is the ability to turn indent on or off in the Style panel of the inspector. It was prominently featured in OO3.

Glad to be working with the beta...