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I am a user of Lightroom and make a point of storing all my photos inside a single parent folder on each drive. If I have to move the images to a new drive for some reason, it is a simple task to point lightroom at this parent folder and it is then able to locate all the images that are stored below it.

I like to use OO3 to add detailed comments about certain project files and to also store a link to the subject file. I have discovered that it is quite easy to break the links when restoring from backup or just by an unintended file move.
So I thought that I would try and edit the .OO3 file which as long as it is not being compressed is an XML text file and correct any broken links. Unfortunately while the file reference is simple to modify there seems to be a complex alias saved as well. If just the file ref is updated Omnioutliner refuses to open the file.

Does anyone know how the text of the alias portion of the XML is generated? Here is a cut and paste of a portion of an XML file containing a file link and the strange alias:
key="font-weight">9</value><value key="underline-style">single</value></style><item id="dL-2-4CeZ_A"><values><text><p><run><lit>Test of file linking</lit></run><run><lit><cell href="file://localhost/Users/skids/Desktop/Pending/OmniOutliner3_FileLinkTest/Books%20to%20read.txt" alias="AAAAAAHkAAIAAAxNYWNpbnRvc2ggSEQAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAADNZQraSCsAAAAuzDYRQm9va3MgdG8gcmVhZC50eHQAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAC7OR854Oy8AAAAAAAAAAP////8AAAkgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGk9tbmlPdXRsaW5lcjNfRmls ZUxpbmtUZXN0ABAACAAAzWUK2gAAABEACAAAzngtHwAAAAEAFA AuzDYABef6AAXd3AAFxyIAAhDpAAIAWk1hY2ludG9zaCBIRDpV c2VyczoAc2tpZHM6AERlc2t0b3A6AFBlbmRpbmc6AE9tbmlPdX RsaW5lcjNfRmlsZUxpbmtUZXN0OgBCb29rcyB0byByZWFkLnR4 dAAOACQAEQBCAG8AbwBrAHMAIAB0AG8AIAByAGUAYQBkAC4AdA B4AHQADwAaAAwATQBhAGMAaQBuAHQAbwBzAGgAIABIAEQAEgBI VXNlcnMvc2tpZHMvRGVza3RvcC9QZW5kaW5nL09tbmlPdXRsaW 5lcjNfRmlsZUxpbmtUZXN0L0Jvb2tzIHRvIHJlYWQudHh0ABMA AS8AABUAAgAM//8AAA==" name="Books to read.txt" type="link"/></lit></run></p></text></values></item></root></outline>