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I was hoping somebody could explain the Graffle v6 100% Zoom feature to me. In principle I understand its purpose, but the functionality of this feature as it is implemented is inscrutable to me. No matter what I set it to (One Apple Point, One Screen Pixel, One PS Point) it doesn't seem to affect anything at all whether I'm drawing on screen or whether I'm outputting to paper. So I assume I'm missing something.

For example: we have a touch screen that is 9-inch diagonal, 1280 x 800 at 168ppi. In order for us to draw in Graffle and then output to 100% on paper, we've had to set up a canvas that will output to an 11 x 17 sheet of paper. This means we need to draw at about 233% scale (or a canvas size of about 39.667 x 25. 667 inches) so that the drawing will output to 168ppi on paper.

I had hoped that the new 100% Zoom feature could help to alleviate all of this document setup and arithmetic for exactly these purposes: simulating pixel densities of different devices.

What am I missing? Perhaps there's a different way to set up our Graffle documents to accomplish the same thing with less complexity?