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hey Anton, it's Mango form the other forum. I also hang out here.

My opinion is that they are both equally strong if oyu know what you're doing. I would not consider other alternatives. I own both.

One great advantage with Omni is that if oyu don't want or don't need the desktop app you can backup your data through a free WebDav server. With the other manufacturer you must condition your itunes to create a real backup.

Which is better? I feel Omni is richer in features. The other one is minimalistc and more attractive. After using both for a while, I like them both.
Thank you.

If you use both alternatives... When do you use each one of them? For example do you use one for personal projects and the other one for work?

I happen to make my woman pregnant recently(ooops how did that happened?!) and I want to make this to a life time party. I need an app to collect ALL things in life in a system for achieving my longterm, short-term, personal, financial, material, career goals. I need a system for my hole life.
I want it to be a good one! I would be grateful for some thoughts on this.
Objectively, professional.

Can you help me out with this one?