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The dates in OF are stored in GMT, so a task scheduled to start at 12:00 am Friday in New York would show up as starting at 11 pm Thursday in Minneapolis. With all due respect to Einstein, those are the same times. There are a couple of problems here. On the one hand, OF manages tasks not appointments, so when a task starts on Friday, I want it to start on Friday, regardless of what time zone I'm in. On the other hand, if my MacBook is on my desk in Indiana and my iPad and I are at my parent's house in Iowa, I still want all the synchronized tasks to be consistent (e.g., the same tasks are available).

I find the current behavior somewhat annoying, but don't see how to change it without screwing up syncing.
I thought to bump this thread as my travel schedule has become more intensive and I see my OmniFocus workflow seriously disrupted as a result of this bug (or feature, as others may call it).

At the very least, I would like to see an option allowing "floating" start and end times, in the manner of iCal ("floating" in this case means that start and end times remain the same regardless of time zone).

The potential problem that Curt brings up—namely that synching would be messed up as different tasks would be deemed "available" in different time zones—can be addressed by synching the entire OmniFocus library to both machines and determining availability "locally," so that each machine would have its own list of available tasks without any inconsistencies creeping in.

Or am I missing something?