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thanks to all for your replies.. After a lot of browsing and paying great attention to how I actually get things done (w/o a system) I was able to design a successful system on OF.
Just putting it out there for someone like me who struggles with contexts..:-)

Again to remind everyone, I am an engineer with lots of small projects, whitepapers to write with conflicting priorities..
I do the usual stuff that OF recommends.. Capture stuff to do in my Inbox and then process them towards the end of every day. ( i have a repeating task to remind me of that).
However, the one thing that I do differently (and i am sure many would argue that its not wht GTD is.. but works for me:-) )
I have contexts broken down in time-slots. 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 3 hour, smoke break, before work, weekend.
Depending on how much time I think I need for a task I will assign a context.
Then I use the OF sync to iCAL feature.
Being in marketing, I have lots and lots of meetings. So i have iCAL open all day. the tasks show up on the right side bar. Depending on my day's schedule I start dragging those tasks to my iCAL calendar.
I do this exercise every morning - so I have my day planned with meetings & with tasks that I need to get done.
And thats it. I then "get the things done" by following my calendar.
Once done, I will check the task off and it shows completed on my OF list as well.
Smoke break is a physical based context. I ask myself what are the things I can get done while I am smoking. A call to AT&T perhaps (perhaps not as it takes more than 15 min to get hold of someone ;-)) but you get the idea...

That said, i REALLY WISH OF ADDS A SENSE OF CALENDAR TO THIER APP. that would really complete this APP 100%.

IN any case, since there is a solution, I am extremely happy.. OF is a great app for sure :-)))