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I'm referring to a field in the Perspectives window that comes up when you are creating a new perspective.

There is a series of check boxes in the middle of the window. The list includes: 1) focus 2) layout 3) expansion, and 4) selection.

I'm having trouble understanding these check boxes. I think my perspectives have all checked, but I'm not positive. My guess is that it is referring to whether the screen is "focused" or not -or- whether the lists are "expanded" or not, etc...

However, I'm thinking that if you save a perspective with a certain focus -- why wouldn't you want it to show up like that the next time? If it wasn't focues on what you saved? ... then what would it focus on? Andy why would someone want the expansion different that what they saved in the first place (unless they changed their mind, of course... and then they could re-memorize the perspective).

I'm sure that I'm missing the whole point of this. Could someone please explain? Also - what does the 4th one mean? (restore selection)

Thanks so much,