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That was an excellent explanation.

1) Now I see why someone would want to create a perspective -- but still be able to hang onto to something from their previous view of the data, and therefore leave one or more of those boxes unchecked.

I already understood Omnifocus as extremely flexible and a powerful tool... but wow, this flexibility is just another example of that!!

2) With regard to my question about the word "selection," the 4th box... The meaning of that word would normally be self evident. However, not understanding before that you could have a "partial perspective" (retain some aspects, but not all, and leave some of those boxes unchecked) didn't make sense then because I had assumed that one would always want the same "selection" if they were choosing to use that perspective.

Understanding the flexible use of perspectives makes it all make sense now.
Thank-you much!


Many thanks to Leila for so clearly formulating this nut, and thanks to whpalmer4 for so elegantly cracking it! It was not until I read your conversation above that I could start understanding the meaning and value of the restore setting.