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Thanks for sending these in! Just so you know, feature requests posted here will likely get read by folks on the OmniOutliner team, but if you want to be sure they get added to the development database that the team uses to plan releases, you'll want to shoot an email to the support ninjas with this. ("Send Feedback", under the help menu, will do this.)

One additional request for clarification; can you expand on what you mean with request #1? Ascending and descending searches are both supported in all the column types I can think of, and I believe that the search field filters across all the columns. I'm sure there is stuff you need that we don't do; there's just a lot of room for interpretation in the request as it is. :-)
As I take notes during phone calls in OO, I often think of to-do items. I'd love to have a checkmark column called to-dos, so that filtering on that column would show me a list of all my to-do items in one gulp. As an example. The menu would be something like View/Filter/Select Column/Set Filter Criteria. Having the ability to filter conditions in multiple columns would be even nicer, but for now I'd settle for a few simple filters.

I distrust (or don't understand well enough) OO's automatic sorting a fear that if I were to use the sorting feature to show every item with a YES checkmark, my entire file will be jumbled out of order, never to return to its original sequence. Can anyone help me with that?