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Hello All!

I have an 'Inbasket' folder in Mac mail. It is a Mail Smart Folder, which collects Flagged items... when something of import comes in, I flag it.

Then, later, I process this inbasket to Omnifocus using the Clip O Tron hotkey function.

The problem is, my 'Inbasket' folder often has, say, 10 or 15 messages, and I would like to, at the push of a button, bring *all ten messages into Omnifocus as SEPARATE actions, and with the text of the message appended to each.*

At the moment, if I select multiple messages and press my hotkey, it brings them in as ONE action. I need something that will bring them into Omnifocus separately.

Does anyone know if something exists (like a Mail script maybe) that does this?

Many thanks!