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If you don't like "going under the hood" to the cli, getting Webdav up can be troublesome. Indeed I think everyone here is waiting for 1.1 for the iphone to be released. 1.1 gives us the other half of Bonjor as 1.5 desktop and its predecessor had Bonjour ability for a while now.

Of course it don't help if the phone don't have the software yet :D

I don't know what Apple is doing with 1.1 that would delay it like this,
other than making a lot of people more angry at Apple than we already are. It pays in the end....

I have two boys, 15, and 16. They are going off to college soon. Planned on sending them off with new MBP's, 10.5, Parallels and Win XP
all for about $3800. Instead I will send them with a new Dell wide screen notebook, Win XP, which is what they want anyway, VMWARE and Debian as the dual boot, for a comparable $800. As a long time Apple customer (like Apple II), I have had it with both MS and Apple.
THey are both two peas in a pod.