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I was not able to complete a safe boot. When I restart and hold the Shift key, I get the Apple logo and spinning gear icon for several just hangs. I tried two separate occasions, same result. For future reference, at what point do I hold the Shift key: After the "Bong"? After the Apple logo appears? When? And until when?

I did Restore Defaults under Keyboard Shortcuts. The unwanted Option-O shortcut for Mail>Services>"OmniFocus: Send to Inbox" in is still there, and still visible in the menu pulldown.

I then renamed the file you mentioned as you said, and restarted. The unwanted shortcut is still in, although I did notice that a new file was created in the same place, apparently automatically. Should I now just delete the old ".keep" version?

As I feared, it seems I somehow added this unwanted shortcut OUTSIDE of the normal shortcut processes and files.

Any other ideas? Thanks so much in advance for your help.