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The GTD methodology is to have both a calendar for the hard appointments/tasks and a task manager for things you need to get done when you can get to them.
That's exactly what I do. I have no real desire to see my OmniFocus actions represented in iCal as events or as to dos.

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However if I set a call as an action on june 12th and 3pm, I want it to show on the date and time as an event not an action.
However, if you really must have OmniFocus actions appear as iCal events, I think the biggest obstacle is how to interpret the various OmniFocus dates and logically display them in iCal (or other calendar view).

To represent an OmniFocus action as an iCal event, how would the duration be determined? Would it default to some predetermined time (e.g. 1 hour)? Or maybe use the Estimated Time field? What if no value is set for the Estimated Time field?

Also, keep in mind that the date you're likely setting in OmniFocus, the due date, is the time the action must be completed. So it doesn't really make a good beginning date for an iCal event. Instead, it seems the OmniFocus start date should be used for the beginning of the iCal event,

Assuming the OmniFocus start date determines the beginning of the iCal event and the OmniFocus due date determines the end of the event, how would the iCal event be displayed when there are several days between those two times? Wouldn't you end up with a calendar full of huge, colored ribbons spanning multiple days? With more than a couple events, it would quickly become overly cluttered.

So maybe using the OmniFocus start time as the beginning of the event is not a good idea. We could instead use the OmniFocus due date as the end time for the iCal event and then count backwards by the OmniFocus Estimated Time field to determine the beginning of the iCal event. This way we'd have an iCal event for each OmniFocus action appearing right before the due date occurs.

But I wonder how useful that would really be. If your OmniFocus start date was a week or two earlier, and you don't see the iCal event until the day it is due, is it really going to be of much help?