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I have been looking at this and its not great as is.
With the new Daylite comes sync services access to iCal.

However as it currently stands OF does not play in the right way to be useful with Daylite.

First problem. OF applies project name to the end of a task when one is selected. So if a task originates in Daylite and is then put in a project in OF, Daylite views this as a different task and deletes the original and so any links to context in Daylite.

Second problem, OF only syncs next actions to iCal. So if you have a whole task path in Daylite that is synced into OF. OF then removes all the non next tasks from iCal which removes them from Daylite.

So in a word the two apps work in very different ways even though they both sync to iCal. It does not make much sense to change the way OF is working. So I am thinking that AppleScript may have to come to the rescue in some way.

Like I say - still looking at it. Will post back if I come up with anything useful.