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I purchased the iphone app and am evaluating the desktop application. On my MacBookPro I have two login accounts, one for private stuff and one for my work. Next to that, I use an iPod Touch.

I started using MobileMe to sync but today I discovered that the Synchronization Preferences panel shows the same name of the computer being registered twice. It therefor also shows the text on the dialog:

"There is a newer client registration with the same name <my MBP>. If you are not synchronizing more than one Mac or device with that name, this registration may be obsolete. In that case, unregister it to allow faster synchronization."

Now I have been thinking about using a single database say in Shared Users, but I do need to sync between the two user logins, my iPod and another Mac. I think the registration is not unique enough since it does not take a user into account.

What is the best way to prevent problems? Use indeed a shared database between the two accounts and register the computer only once (say my work account) and sync only from there?

If I use a shared database, may I leave the two accounts 'open' by switching user and use OF in both accounts? Or should I stop/relaunch OF before using it in an account?

So far I just have been playing and reading but soon there will be real data in..

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