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You can save your blank using the template feature. To see available templates, use the File>Template Chooser menu item. Several are included in OG. Opening a template starts a new document with all of the contents and settings of the template.

There are two ways to make and save your own templates. If you're starting from scratch to build a new template, use File>New Resource>New Template... If you've already created a document and want to turn it into a template, use the File>Export menu item and choose OmniGraffle Template as the format. If you want that new template to show up in the Template Chooser, you'll have to save it in the right place in the Library folder in your home directory. Put it in ~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Templates/. You can organize that Templates folder as you wish; its subfolders will show up in the Template Chooser

If your font question refers to hand lettering on architectural drawings, the Tekton typeface is a good one to consider. Tekton is based on Frank Ching's lettering in his architecture books. It's not free, but there are some free knockoffs.