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Hi all

Like pre-Lion I couldn't get it to work with any keyboard actions, but as the Service was there, I could get it to work with using an application keyboard shortcut. (Though even then it didn't work the first time after I've restarted Mail - so I do the first one manually from the File/Services menu, and then its fine after that. Weird, but acceptable).

Pre-Lion the comment field of the OmniFocus task always contained the mail message just as I saw it in Mail. So if there was a long conversation between me and one or more people, the last reply was at the top. Now, the latest email isn't always there, though there is a link to that email. So when I'm creating the task I need to stop and look and make a note to remind myself when I come back to look at a particular email rather than having it just there in OmniF.

(I hope I've explained this OK.... let me know if more info needed)

Now I realise that what I'm seeing in the OmniF comment field is probably just what Mail is sending over to OmF, but is there any way to get consistent content ? Does Apple need to be told anything?