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Hi everyone, not sure if everyone knows what VisioCafe is, but basically we have something like 20000 Visio shapes for computer gear, and of course its free to download, and bla bla bla

Anyway, we would really like for all our stuff to be compatable with OmniGraffle. Our Stencil files will import, but to varying degrees, many of them just blow apart and look nasty.

I know this is because of the Enhanced Metafiles inside the shapes. I have searched the net looking for clues, and I have found references to this stuff in 2006, 2008 and one in 2010, all talking about adding more EMF support into OmniGraffle.

Now that OG vers 6 is somewhere on the horizon, is there any news that EMFs will import better?

Or if the import is not coming any time soon, is there any secret method to massage the shapes before import that will help keep them intact?