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I am also having the same issue. I subscribe to NetZoom for Visio stencils and they have every piece of equipment imaginable - and anything they don't have, you can request and have it within days. However, the stencils import improperly like the ones demo'd above.

Is there work going on right now to improve the Visio stencil support? Right now I am using the trial as I am waiting on my vendor (Insight) to add in the part numbers for Omnigraffle to their system. However, I am not sure I can buy a product that doesn't support the vast library of Visio stencils out there properly.

My goal is to scrap the VMWare Fusion I have for running Visio but this is a key part of that goal - stencil support.

EDIT: Just to add - the 5.4 beta does offer MUCH better Visio stencil support. No weird lines or text in wrong places. Some things are still missing but no where near as bad as before.

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