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My meta comment here might be that OO3 is much the best tool to reach for with any kind of outlining application that needs columns (or scripting), but that OPML+003 brings a rather lossy and noisy kind of cross-device traffic if one of your goals is to hang on to a bit of formatting.

Plain text outlines (with MarkDown conventions + CSS post-processing when needed) seem to me to work better for that. (FoldingText + Marked, for example).

OPML is easy for machines to parse and write, but a bit intractable for humans, and it's hard to get away from the fact that it throws away all formatting. Tab-indented text outlines with Markdown formatting do have a number of advantages when it comes to regular migration and re-purposing, with retention of some formatting. With last minute application of a CSS stylesheet (through Marked, for example) that formatting can be quite rich.

Horses for courses, and a rich bag of tools for different purposes, etc


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