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I am struggling with this issue as well, as lately a lot of of the newer stencils showing up on VisioCafe for major storage & networking vendors exhibit these problems in any 5.x or 6.x version of Omni Graffle I try. In this case it is the Dell Compellent and EqualLogic storage array stencils I need which are not rendering properly:

I am desperately trying to find a way to make Omni Graffle usable for these projects because I find it to be a more productive tool for me to design with than Visio.

What I am doing right now as a workaround is to use the 'Export' function on Visio to save the tricky stencils as high-resolution .PNG files. On Visio I set the .PNG output parameters to 300 ppi and around 3000x3000 px.

The output files from Visio are clean and OG will accept it on to the Canvas. It looks almost indistinguishable from the original stencil.