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If you are able to, keeping your Mac online at all times while at work (that is, don't put it to sleep) would allow you to use the Mail rule* for processing incoming messages tagged with a sequence of characters to automatically add those e-mails you are sending to yourself to your OmniFocus inbox. That way, when you next synched the iPhone version, you would get them in the inbox there and could process them while still at work.

Note, if you are happy to learn the syntax for the e-mail title, you can also get things processed automatically by the Mail to OmniFocus Desktop rule so you wouldn't even need to worry about processing them on your iPhone.

* Take a look at the Mail preferences in OmniFocus on your Desktop to see how this works.
I have MS Exchange Client on my iPhone and Outlook on my office computer so 99.5% of email, personal and work related, go through that. I access email on the MB at home and while traveling through a Citrix client. I hate Entourage and haven't really used OS X Mail.

So if I'm understanding correctly (which is a big leap of faith), forward the relevant emails from work or the iPhone to my MobileMe account, which will be picked up by the OS X Mail program running at home. I set rules in OF that picks off the appropriate stuff based on syntax.

Put -- in the subject line

-- in body of text becomes an action
:: becomes a project
@ becomes a context
# becomes a date
$ becomes a time estimate
// becomes a note

Am I getting this right?