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Seems that clipping behavior has gone all screwy in Lion.

At first the clipping didn't work at all. I uninstalled the clipper and then reinstalled it several times. I finally did get it to work, but it only works intermittently and there are some issues:

Issue 1: the clipper often will just not work at all
Issue 2: when it does work, attachments are not included (This was a very valuable feature in previous versions)
Issue 3: certain emails do not clip at all. Instead I see a dialog box in Mail that says "Copying messages from the server". with a timer bar in the dialog. Once the timer bar is full, the message goes away, but my email is not clipped.

Some helpful items:
My short cut is command + .
This is the same shortcut I have used since version 1 of OF
The attachment I am trying to include is a PPTX (power point file)
The email I noticed that wont clip at all is from

Before I get a bunch of people telling me what I already know and have tried, please read the following:
  • yes, I did look for similar issues in the forums before posting this (most answers simply say re-install the clip-o-tron, see next bullet point)
  • yes I did un-install and re-install the clip-o-tron 3000 (multiple times)
  • yes I did restart the machine
  • yes I did make sure that my shortcut was listed and checked in keyboard shortcut settings in system prefs
  • yes I have restarted mail and OF (several times)