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There's no way to make them only repeat on weekdays, but you can have a separate Routine context for weekends, and when Monday comes around, your weekday routines will be right there ready to start again, with no nagging overdue notices.
Interesting post. I've got a lot of "daily routine" stuff, but haven't split it out like this. Might have to try that!

You can do the "only repeat on weekdays" with a little work, and you hinted at it in your previous paragraph. What you do is make 5 copies of the items in your routine, one for each weekday of the week, starting on that day of the week, and set to start again after 1 week instead of 1 day. The start dates keep them from showing up in an available actions view on any day except the day to which they pertain. I do this with my kid's school-related tasks (packing a lunch, daily reading, bring XYZ to school, etc.) and include the name of the day in the action ("Make snack and lunch (Wednesday)") because it helps keep it clear which day I'm talking about, as they are usually due the night before.