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Hey all,

I haven't found a thread about this, and I've just spent the best hour or so of my life using... OmniFocus (Mac) on my iPad, so I thought I'd share my joy!
I hadn't tried before the apps that transform the iPad into an external display, but as I was procrastinating in front of what promised to be a very tedious daily review, I decided to look into it a bit more and downloaded Air Display from the iTunes store.
I've been using it in two ways, and both have proved admirably handy and productive:
1) I just played with using the iPad as my main OF window, sort of like simulated OF-for-iPad. AirDisplay supports input form the touch screen, so I got a taste for what it would feel like to drag-and-drop actions onto projects and the like: absolutely pleasurable.
2) Most of the nitty-gritty couldn't fully be done on the iPad alone, though (I tend to use multiple perspectives in my review, and the Mac-format didn't completely fit the smaller screen for this workflow). I then tried opening two of my OF perspectives in the iPad screen: one flat list of projects, and one flat list of contexts. This proved incredible, as I could process my inbox very easily by dragging items onto either list while having my main window occupying the full screen of my MBPro.

This experience only heightens my anticipation of the soon-to-come amazingness of working with OF iPad. It also won't be a wasted $10 as I plan to use the multiple-screen setup, especially for complex review sessions again.