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I'm hoping you can give me some newbie advice. I am an experienced developer, but have very little Cocoa experience. I have done some iPhone app prototyping and have some of the basic concepts down.

I was just poking around the Text Editor example you posted. When trying it out, I see a lot of glitches, poor arrow key behavior, etc - as you said, the editing bit is a little rough :)

As a Cocoa Touch newbie, who's interested in writing a syntax-highliting editor, do you think that trying to bring your editor up to speed and adding the features (remote syncing, syntax highlighting, etc.) to it is a good direction to go in? Or, would I be better starting from scratch with a codebase I write and, of course, understand?

One of the reasons I ask this is that Apple's sample code is generally only good for demonstrating a specific feature. The rest of the program structure is the minimum needed to make the thing function. (As an example, a multi-page app dynamically generated views on the fly with "Page X" strings. Not the way you'd actually write an app, so if you wanted to turn that example into an app you'd have to write lots of structure around it)

So, one of my questions I guess is: Do you think the Text Editor is written as a real app would be written, and is a good starting point for an app that does a superset of what it does? Or is it more like demo code, useful to demonstrate features as you write your own app?