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Originally Posted by JKT
Do you mean the "Close window" that is presented by the code in the window and not the close button on the tab?

If so, I guess it could be set up so that it puts you back in the original site and therefore jumps you to the correct tab - this isn't something I've noticed myself as I tend to use command-W to close my tabs.

There isn't any way for us to implement better tab handling in OmniWeb - something we'll have to wait for OmniGroup to implement.
Yes, I do mean "close window" shown in the actual window. That does work correctly. Is this different than the "_blank" referrer link that may be causing the odd behavior? I assumed the "close window" or "open window" was javascript, which might explain the difference in behavior.

Well, whatever it is, I hope it gets fixed in 5.6.