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Welcome back. I admit that I haven't tried Things in a very long time. I am dismayed to hear that it still has not improved. a crash-prone program does not contribute to a "trusted system."

IIRC if you have a large database, it may increase sync times.

I try not to include large attachments inside my OmniFocus database. You'll have to sync those files every time. A 10 MB PDF will increase the size your OmniFocus database easily.

You can view file attachments by selecting:

Window > Attachment list

You can highlight an attachment and click Delete to remove it from your database. Start pruning those attachments or put them in a separate program that is better suited for file reference. Evernote, Yojimbo, or DevonThink are a couple of programs that might suit your needs.

Another way to shrink your sync database is to archive older tsks. At the beginning of each month, I archive any tasks older than 30 days.

File > Move old data to archive

I rarely have to look back older than 30 days. If a client has a question, I'll tell them that I can call or e-mail them later with more information when I get back to my computer.

When I have my laptop with me, I can quickly open the archive database to refer to anything older than 30 days. Then I can answer my customer immediately.

OmniFocus will open your archive in a separate window and you can refer to historical data in the new window. This prevents you from touching your current database.

On February 1, I will archive data before January 1. When the end of the month comes on February 28th, I will have accumulated tasks from January 1 to February 28 (two months). When March 1 arrives, I will archive data before February 1. This helps to keep my database at anywhere between 30-60 days worth of historical information at my disposal.

File > Open archive