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Learned all,

OF rules my life, but my life has changed and I can't figure out how to change OF, and fear a backward slide into inefficiency and low productivity!

My primary perspective is all active tasks that are listed in due date order, so each day I see what needs to be done, or deferred, that day regardless of context and project. The change is that I now have to take on the sales role in our company, and have 20-30 calls to make/follow up etc every day listed in OF and this detracts from my other, more important tasks.

I have struggled to find a different way to use OF as I want to separate this sales view or list or project (called cold prospects). In setting up perspectives I can't see how to exclude a project, and/or have an independent view that is only one project (cold prospects). Focus gives me that, but then the main view still has all cold prospects. Maybe I can have two OF files independent from each other?

I'm flexible and keen to get OF back in charge, and will appreciate any advise.