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If you wanted to write a script that took a project, and produced some kind of chart showing milestones, or completion dates, or some such, what tool would you use to do the graphics? I could see generating html for safari, a plug-in for firefox, something with omnigraffle, or illustrator.

I don't have any experience scripting any of those. Any thoughts on which would be easiest? Which would allow the most flexibility for further refinement of the chart, while still maintaining automatic updates as things change in OF? Which would be easiest to create hooks back to OF for making changes the other direction.

Obviously, when OF<>OP integration comes in, this might be obsoleted, but I'm looking for something kinda quick and dirty in the meantime.

Any thoughts?

(This is cross posted from the thread in the general forum. Seems like over here's the better place for the discussion, so hopefully it'll happen that way.)

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