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I tried it out and it seemed pretty neat, so I bought the pro version. I LOVE it!

First, I would like to complement you on the instruction manuel and tutorial videos. They should win a prize for clarity and instilling confidence in a new user.

Second, even with the “learning curve” I was able to get the results I was hoping for—and more— in a very short time. I made my own stencils of various size tables and chairs with little difficulty.

I do have a question for which I could not find an answer. I created a stencil with a circle to represent a table and 8 little boxes (chairs) around it. I know I can shift select all 9 pieces so the move as one unit, but I would like to create the stencil “table with 8 chairs” as one unit that will always move together. I’m sure this must be possible, but I haven’t been able to figure it out.