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Here's what (with the help of smarter, more technical people than me) I think is going on - This is the message I forwarded to Omni.

There is a definite, repeatable problem with clippings from mail programs.
If you use the clippings service and the message ID contains a % sign. The "Original Message" link will not open the message. If there is no %, it works as expected.

I have verified this behavior with Version 1.0 as well at the latest sneaky peek build.

As I understand it, Entourage always uses a % in the message IDs it generates. Apple Mail does not.

According to my technical staff, the RFC2822 standard doesn't restrict the use of %s in message IDs.

I hope this can be addressed soon.

If I've missed something, or if you need additional information.

Please let me know.

Also - I am running MailTags 2.2PB5. I get the same result whether I am using the Clip O Tron 3000 or the Mail Tags service.
Running OS 10.5.2

So, Toadling and Cat One (or any other volunteers!)
Could you check and see how Entourage mail messages behave versus Apple Mail messages.

As you probably know, if you choose, view long headers or raw source, you can see the message ID.

Thanks for your help.


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