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Hi guys,

I am very new at Omnigraffle. I just started playing around and it is quite an intersting software. Questions

1 - is there any way to zoom in, in the Stencil Palette? I know i can make it bigger but a large stencil palette will almost use all the size of the screen. I would just like to zoom in the detail of the stencil palette theme. Can that be done?

2 - I downloaded a series of stencils and i am placing them on the blank canvas. For example i put a couple of buttons and then down below a stencil of a search box to start my design. A very disturbing thing is that when i remove the buttons or the search box everything will change and will go to the middle of the screen changing the arragment and the design completly. Why is that? How can i avoid it?

Sorry for the long post and for my beginners english.