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For 1.

Just pick up the bottom right corner of the window and drag it) standard Apple functionality).

If the stencil is drawn properly, it will have a default size, where the objects are rendered well. Very few are, especially now that we have every tom, dick and harry uploading ordinary diagrams as "stencils". So you need to look at the several stencils available for your need and pick out the better ones. Some "stencils" do stupid things, such as: fill your screen; object size inconsistencies; incorrect or no handles; absence of scaling; no grid orientation; etc. Any of which pose obstacles to using them, and define them as non-stencils.
I was using the "SimpleWireFrame" Stencil design at the beginning and it looked very small specially with the light green background behind. I know i can resize the window but it will tend to fill a lot of the screen so that why i was asking for a resizing slider like iPhoto has. I am using the KONIGI Wireframe Stencil which feels more clear to me. Thanks for the good info!