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No worries.

The SimpleWireFrame is not a particularly good stencil.

Hang on, dragging the window resize does resize exactly like iPhoto (maybe you mean something else, such as you want horizontal and vertical scroll bars, which stencils do not have).

Alright, here's another method. Start with a doc and have the stencil you want open. Edit the stencil StencilMenu/Edit. Change it to suit yourself: give it a background to contrast the objects, improve the quality of the objects; etc. You can set the default size (as opposed to the real size, which is done by dragging the resize corner) by changing the magnification (while you are editig the stencil).
I like the second option. The first option i did try it, but as i told you before if a stencil lik SimpleWireFrame looks very small in a my screen if a resize the window in order to see the stencil well it most certainly fill my screen.