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Dennis, do you have 1.8 installed or are you running from the .dmg? I don't suppose that could make the difference, could it?
I have 1.8 installed in my /Applications folder. But I don't think that should make a difference.

Have you gone through your example project and double-checked to make sure the actions themselves have due dates? Or maybe better yet, try creating a brand new test project like this and I'll do the same:

- Test Project
    - Action Group
        - Action 1
        - Action 2 (due tomorrow)
        - Action 3 (due tomorrow)
        - Action 4 (due tomorrow)
        - Action 5
When creating the 3 actions with due dates, you can just type "tomorrow" in the due date field and OmniFocus will automatically calculate the appropriate date.

So mine looks like this in planning mode:

Click image for larger version

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And here it is in context mode (with view bar settings similar to the due perspective):

Click image for larger version

Name:	Context Mode.png
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Does yours look anything like this?