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I work off two perspectives:

My Agenda

Flagged - In my morning daily review, I unflag all the currently flagged tasks. Then I go through my projects list or my "My Agenda" perspective and star particular tasks to do. All of my flagged tasks becomes my Big Rocks of the Day. These are the two to four main tasks that I want to complete today so that I can feel good about having a good day.

I will work on all the tasks in the flagged perspective before going on to my "My Agenda" perspective.

My Agenda - this is a complete list of all my Available Next Actions. I will go to this perspective only if I can finish off my Starred tasks.

My Agenda perspective (as of March 2011)
Context: Remaining
Grouping: Context
Sorting: Flagged
Availability Filter: Available
Status: Any
Estimated Time: Any duration

This perspectives lets me see all available next actions sorted by context. Flagged tasks appear first in each context.

The secret is to place new projects/tasks into Someday/Maybe and status is set to "On Hold". Oftentimes my available next actions is big enough that I don't really need to add to an already full plate. If there are tasks asssigned to me from the boss then I will set the project status to "Active." But if it is one of those brilliant light bulb ideas that I gotta capture, I'll enter it and then put the project on hold.

At the end of the day, I'll do my end-of-the-day review and flesh out the idea/project. But my boss' assigned tasks will often trump my own personal ideas unless I can convince my boss otherwise. I can then determine whether I can leave the project(s) in Someday/Maybe or if I can make it "Active."