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Ok so I am rebooting my GTD setup. I am a little confused on if I need to subscribe to the ical reminders or not.

Let me first tell you what I want to achieve. I have OmniFocus on my Mac (10.7) and my iPhone (4S). I want to get alerts/reminders of due items on both.

I subscribed to the omnifocus-reminders calendar on my mac and the only way it would work is I had to say it was an "icloud" calendar. Then it shows up on my iphone as I am syncing icloud calendars. However I noticed this does not get updated as quickly as subscribing to the calendar "natively" within iOS. So I subscribed that way and now I have two omnifocus calendars showing up, one via icloud and one via native subscription.

Big problem is when I go into forecast view on my phone I see the due task 3 times now. Once the entry in omnifocus and one from each of the calendars. Major clutter.

Is this even needed? It appears the omnifocus app itself can trigger an alert and perhaps I don't even need the calendar subscription on my iphone?

Can anyone please provide some clarity here?