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Hey gang,

I've been on the fence about 'Plan for a long time now. The problem is that my organization schedules work to span a wide berth of time, that isn't really relative to the duration of a task.

A typical case is that we've got many different concurrent projects but a single task might be "provision hardware" that's going to take 16 hours. What we'd like ideally is to have 4 such tasks running concurrently over a 3 week period; rather than firmly specifying that either:

A. Each task must be done in sequence.
B. More granular components of each task that would require far more time from the PM (myself.)

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions for this kind of "quota" planning of time? Is it possible in OmniPlan? Basically I want to specify "Duration", but then stretch that duration out over X number of days/weeks.

This happens most commonly with general tasks like Project Coordination for our sales team. We want to budget their time in the plan, not necessarily dictate exactly when time should be allocated.

Also I'd like to throw my vote toward getting OmniFocus support (which I use religiously) and also for the ability to track multiple projects in a single app. I'd be willing to pay double just for that feature alone. Right now we're looking at creating sub-tasks for every project and it's a management nightmare.

Still on the fence about buying so I'd appreciate any insight that any of you could share.