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Is this the complete code necessary? Can I run the script with just this and it will work? Thankee.
Hi Christian,
This is what I am using. (Note that it is part of a bigger script, and so some variables are not properly declared in the example below)

(*  Since this code is copied from part of a larger script, 
it is missing the variable declerations. 
Make sure to  Set Variables as needed:
set FolderName to ... 
set ProjectName to ... 

tell application "OmniFocus"
	set theDoc to default document
	tell theDoc
		set StatusContext to context "ContextInHere" of context "ParentContext" --modify as needed
		--Create the folder with Project and Task
		set NewAcctFolder to (make new folder with properties {name:FolderName} at end of folder id RootFolderID)
		set NewOppProject to (make new project with properties {name:ProjectName, note:ProjectNote, context:StatusContext} at end of projects of NewAcctFolder)
		set NewStatusTask to (make new task with properties {name:TaskName, note:TaskNote, context:StatusContext} at end of tasks of NewOppProject)
	end tell
end tell