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Dear all,

I'm very new to this (bought ipad and iphone versions yesterday! and don't have a mac so those two versions are all I'll be using for quite some time, I'm afraid), so this might be a simple question.
I have however tried to search the forums and manuals and did not find the answer.

Simple question: when creating a new project, does it automatically get a "review every xxx" value?

I thought that when I entered the review mode on the iPad, I would see all my newly created projects, since they are never reviewed. But I saw no project at all there.
When I mark a project (from project view) for review I can afterwards see it in review mode.

I thought that I in review mode would see like a list of all projects and their lates review dates and when they are to be reviewed next time...

Well, I'm babbling too much, as usual.
The question was really as simple as "Are new projects automatically marked to be reviewed sometime in the future or do I have to mark them for review myself the first time?"

Thanks :)