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I love the Populate Template Placeholders script, but I haven't been able to figure out how to put in start and due dates that are relative to each other and that change with the due date entry.

For example, I have a template for receiving, editing, and posting articles from freelancers who work for me. I need to set a publish date, which is the project due date. I need to set a start date to ask the writer for the piece (i.e. their due date) that is three days before the publish date. Then I need to set a date to check on the status of the piece with the writer, which would be three days before I ask for the piece from the writer. So this is something like:

Due Date (Publish Date)
Start date to ask for piece from writer: Due date -3d
Start date to check on status of piece with writer: Start date to ask for piece from writer -3d

Can you tell me how to do this? When I fill in the dates with the +/- days, it changes it relative to today. Is that right? Can someone also show me a screen shot of what their project template looks like with multiple conditional due and start dates?