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Hi all;

I just set up a Mountain Lion server (10.8.3) and set up a new WebDAV share called 'omnifocus'. I used the 'Replace Server Database menu selection in Omnifocus' and I can see that the files are copying over to the server correctly.

However Omnifocus attempts a WebDAV MOVE command at the end of the copy procedure and fails. Here is the error:

The <insert hostname here> server returned "forbidden" (403) in response to a request to "MOVE /omnifocus/OmniFocus.ofocus-copy-in-progress-lkKwqGHpIHc/20130322212522=nt2K6qx9lGT.client-write-in-progress-lEf14_IO7rc".

Once the MOVE command fails, the OmniFocus.ofocus file appears to be deleted automatically.

Is there a conf file that manages the types of commands that are allowed through WebDAV?