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I can confirm the following fix:

URL with query but no path — Fixed a bug where URLs with a query but no path (e.g. “magnet:?xt=") would get parsed into a URL with an empty path (e.g. “magnet:/?xt=")

Fantastic, thanks.
Hi there,

Since the magnet link has been fixed, I thought I asked about another torrent related issues.

Searching in thepiratebay seems broken.

If I search for a single word like "colbert" in the search field it works correctly and I get this in the address bar:

But if I search for multiple words like "colbert report" it doesn’t anymore and I get this with a no resource available response:

In order to work properly I need to type manually the correct URL in the address bar:

It used to work but sometime in the beta builds it stopped, but I don’t have the issue with Safari. I don’t know if it is just related to this one site.


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