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I'm running OmniPlan 1.1.1 rc1 (v131.5) and I'm getting this error when I try to export my project. The dialog appears as soon as I as choose "Export". I see this logged to the console.log:

007-06-14 10:39:52.836 OmniPlan[1733] Exception raised:
Mask: 0x00000040
Name: NSInvalidArgumentException
Reason: *** -[NSCFDictionary setObject:forKey:]: attempt to insert nil value
Stack Trace:
_NSExceptionHandlerExceptionRaiser (in ExceptionHandling)
-[NSCarbonMenuImpl performActionWithHighlightingForItemAtIndex:] (in AppKit)
__NSHandleCarbonMenuEvent (in AppKit)
__DPSNextEvent (in AppKit)
-[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] (in AppKit)
-[NSApplication run] (in AppKit)
-[OAApplication run] (in OmniAppKit)
_NSApplicationMain (in AppKit)
_main (in OmniPlan)
__start (in OmniPlan)
start (in OmniPlan)
0x00000002 (in OmniPlan)

Any ideas? The same problem happens in 1.1.