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I manually move my OmniFocus file between my work and home machine. Every once in a while, I start working in OmniFocus even though I forget to copy the newest version from the other machine (whichever that may be) to the current machine. This creates the chaos of two files, both of which have changes in them.

When I realize that things are now out of sync, there appears to be no recourse, because I cannot dump out individual projects/actions which I know I've added or modified and then import them to get things back in order. I seem to be forced to manually copy notes and lines from the new out-of-sync file, paste them into a text document, move the offending OmniFocus.ofocus document out of the way, move the foreign document in place, and then manually copy and paste all the information into the file. This is complicated by the fact that modified actions are hard to identify, because the sneakernet method of moving the files seems changes the modification date of the actions, so sorting the actions by the last modified date lists every one of the actions.

Any hints on how either I can avoid copying the OmniFocus folder back and forth (which does not involve a dedicated permanent internet hookup), or how to get things back in shape without the pain of copying and pasting items to text files, and then copying and pasting them back in?

Perhaps I'm missing some simple way to export single projects for later import into another document?