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f I go to my preferences and say that clean up should process inbox items that have been assigned **just** a project, then that preference should also trigger OF to know that actions without a context should be available too. Right now, my clean up process is cleaning up actions without a context but it is not making them available, which makes things slightly confusing.

If, as Toadling wrote, a context is necessary before an item can be available, then it defeats the purpose of having the clean up preference at all...
Not necessarily. This came up once or twice in discussions over the summer. Some people want an action to be cleaned up out of their Inbox even if it is unavailable, because for them, the important step is figuring out what project to put it in. Those people intend to assign a context when they review that project.

The way that OmniFocus is built, every action needs a context to be available. You can quickly see which actions do not have contexts by looking at the No Context list in Context mode, and assign contexts there.