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Sorry for cross-posting. I thought OW users might be interested in what was originally a feature request (a crucial one for me).

LiveDictionary 1.3b1 now works with OW 5.5! LD allows users to download and manage many different dictionaries. Hitting a hotkey offers definitions immediately in a popup window. Bear in mind that users will need to modify the loader bundle for LD to work with OW (as well as other applications). Instructions can be found on the LD forum.

The beta can be downloaded here:

The LiveDictionary site is here:

You can use LD in trial mode for one month. $25 license. Also note that LiveDictionary can be used in other applications with slight modifications. I have it running in: TextEdit, Safari, NetNewsWire, Adium, iChat, and DevonThink Pro and Devon Agent.